Penny Facts
The Million Penny Paraders published a pamphlet of their penny drive that was handed out at their parade and in the gym where the pennies were on display in 1953. Here are their penny statistics:
  • Pile in a single column the 1,000,000 pennies will make a column 5, 000 feet high.
  • Place side-by-side the pennies would produce a ribbon of copper for 11.84 miles.
  • If 10 pennies weigh 1.107 ounces, the 1,000,000 of them will weigh 6918.75 pounds or 3.459 tons.
  • 1,000,000 pennies placed side-by-side will cover an area of 3906.24 square feet.
  • In a solid mass the 1,000, 000 pennies would be equivalent to 2.212 cubic yards, which means that a 2 yard dump truck would not be able to haul them.
  • Coinage of the present bronze cent (derived from the Latin centum “hundred”) consisting of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc, began in 1864, and continued with the Indian head until 1909 when the bust of Lincoln was placed on the cent and contuse to date.
  • Between the dates 1909 to 1951 inclusive 18, 279,679,954 pennies were coined in the United States.
  • The million pennies of the Penny Parade is .00547 of the total amount minted or .547%.
  • If a man could have started collecting a million pennies a penny a day on the day of the birth of Christ, he would complete his collection on about November 6, 2737.”