Dr. Kate Museum Celebrates 28th Year!

Dr. KateThrough the dedication of many, past and present, the Museum enters its 26th year. The dream of such a facility dates back to the 1960’s and because of the generosity of the Town of Woodruff, Howard Young Medical Center, the Newcomb family and many volunteers, the Dr. Kate Museum opened in 1988.

Many accomplishments have been achieved over the past two and a half decades including: The 50th Anniversary Million Penny Parade, establishment of the Dr. Kate Pelham Newcomb Museum Memorial Scholarship, publication of three cookbooks, and gaining copyrights and reprinting the best-selling biography, Dr. Kate: Angel on Snowshoes. The museum will be opening soon with a new look, new exhibits and giving you an historic view of the northwoods.  Twenty-six years later, the Dr. Kate Museum/Historical Society continues to preserve the history of Dr. Kate, the long time history of Woodruff and the Million Penny Parade. Please join us by getting involved-- volunteer, donate, create, preserve, dream.



39 Zack Carlson, 2015 Dr. Kate LUHS Scholarship recipient

   Zack Carlson

, 2015 Dr. Kate LUHS  Scholarship Recipient




















AVW Students Preparing For

A Night At The Museum

 35 AVW Students Preparing for "A Night at the Museum"



The Arbor Vitae-Woodruff third graders began their in-depth expedition about Communities, and more specifically Woodruff.  They began looking at and discussing what makes up a community and the roles that everyone plays within their own community. Every community has special people that play a lead role in the forming of relationships and the giving of themselves. Obviously the focus then turned to Dr. Kate Newcomb, the Northwoods doctor who was known as the “Angel on Snowshoes” locally and throughout the country. 

Third grade students conducted field work at the Dr. Kate Museum on two separate occasions in small groups, thanks to helpful parents who drove us from school.  The students first explored the museum on a “scavenger hunt” to activate interest and develop questions pertaining to Dr. Kate and the local history.  The second trip entailed further investigation of specific areas of the museum to become more familiar with various exhibits.  With practice the students were able to become museum docents for the culminating event, “Night at the Museum” that took place on Thursday, November 20, 2014 from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.  This is a great way to see the museum, and we think all were very impressed with the amount of information the children explained to their families and community members!

A big thank you goes out to the Dr. Kate Museum board members and volunteers, who opened the museum on multiple occasions, were available to answer questions and explain further the life of Dr. Kate along with our community.







Come on in and see the many new things on display!
















For any questions regarding the day's events, please contact Marsha at (715) 356-5562, email us at dr.katemuseum@yahoo.com, or reach us on our Facebook page.







Dr. Kate on "This is My Life" 1954

Informative Video on Dr. Kate Museum